Saturday, September 13, 2014

Baby No. 3 // 17 weeks


We ended up skipping week 16 because by the time we had time to take our picture I was closer to 17 weeks. Just ignore the kids faces this week, obviously they weren't filling it! :) BIG news coming next week on the update! We would love for you to leave your guess in the comments.

Pregnancy Highlights this Week:

How far along: 17 weeks
Size of the baby: The size of an onion. 
Gender: We will find out this coming week!  
Movement: I think I've felt some slight movements this week! 
Cravings: Wickles, chili cheese tater tots, fruit (especially honey crisp apples)
Sleep: A few crazy dreams this week but sleep has been good. 
Looking forward to: Getting to see our baby this week and having our gender reveal party! 
Symptoms: I have had alot of stretching and cramping this week. I ended up going in to make sure everything was okay and everything seemed good. She said I might already be having contractions but she said as long as they aren't consistent it's nothing to worry about. 

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Baby No. 3 // 15 weeks


This weekend snuck by especially with Labor day on Monday so I'm a little late on my picture this week! When Audrey has been sitting on my lap lately she will say, "don't worry, I won't sit on your baby". She has also put her baby under her shirt a couple times this week and said, "look, I have a baby in my tummy".

Pregnancy Highlights this Week:

How far along: 15 weeks
Size of the baby: The size of an apple. 
Gender: ?? 
Movement: Still waiting for it! 
Cravings: Wickles, My friend Tara introduced me, these are SO yummy! 
Sleep: Better! I have to go to the bathroom right around 3am every morning. 
Looking forward to: feeling some movement soon, finding out the gender
Symptoms: Overall, really good! I'm looking forward to buying a different prenatal vitamin this week. The kind I currently have I took through my "nauseous weeks" and I still dread the taste. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baby No. 3 // 14 weeks


I had my 14 week appointment last Wednesday and everything went great. The baby's heartbeat was 155 bpm. We had discussed getting shots to hopefully prevent preterm labor this time but decided against it. Our next appointment, in 3 weeks, is the BIG ultrasound where we will find out the gender! 

Pregnancy Highlights this Week:

How far along: 14 weeks
Size of the baby: The size of a lemon. 
Gender: ?? 
Movement: Hoping soon! 
Cravings: I'm not usually a breakfast person but I've been really hungry for breakfast lately. Hamburgers have also been top on my list! 
Sleep: I've actually had a hard time falling asleep this week. 
Looking forward to: feeling some movement soon, finding out the gender
Symptoms: I have had a few headaches and dizziness this week but overall I am feeling great! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Baby No. 3 // 13 weeks

photo (10)

Well, not the best picture to start off this season of baby bump pictures but at least we got all three of us with our eyes open! Chandler has already nicknamed the baby "Ranchie" and is hoping for a brother. If you ask Audrey if she wants a boy or a girl she just says, "a baby". 

Pregnancy Highlights this Week:

How far along: 13 weeks
Size of the baby: The size of a lime. 
Gender: ?? 
Movement: Nothing yet
Cravings: Lemonade & BBQ (okay mostly Rudy's breakfast tacos)
Sleep: Pretty good, already waking up in the middle of the night to potty
Looking forward to: My 14 week appointment is tomorrow so I'm excited to hear the heartbeat!
Symptoms: Nausea is pretty much gone, hallelujah! 

Friday, August 01, 2014

Chandler turns FOUR!

Happy 4th Birthday to my cute boy! I love the way you take your big brother role seriously. Those moments where you put Audrey's wants above your own, bless me more than you know. Your little chuckle will forever make me laugh. You have your own sense of

  1. Can you tell me what your name is? Chandler Owen Groves, Pooter Gilly (he made up own nickname and now says it as part of his name) 
  2. How old are you? FOUR 
  3. What color is your hair? I don't know, brown
  4. What color are your eyes? Blue 
  5. What makes you happy? Thinking about you (mom), melt my heart
  6. What makes you sad? If Audrey hits me or scratches me. 
  7. What's your favorite animal? A moose 
  8. What's your favorite food to eat? soft carrots, broccoli, noodles, macaroni, that's mostly all 
  9. What's your LEAST favorite food to eat? tomatoes
  10. What's your favorite snack? granola bar
  11. What do you like to do outside? play on the play set and swing
  12. What do you like to do inside? play with monster trucks
  13. What's your favorite book? I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
  14. What's your favorite show? Wild Kratts
  15. What's your favorite song? The Desert Song
  16. What's your favorite game? Candyland
  17. What's your favorite color? dark blue
  18. What's your favorite store? well, that's a hard question, really no stores, well I like some but its hard to choose, I guess mostly ChickFilA
  19. What's your favorite holiday? Easter and Christmas
  20. Where is your favorite place to go? Cold Stone
  21. Who are your best friends? Alaina and Jayden
  22. What are you really good at? cutting
  23. What do you like to take with you to bed? my Aggie blanket
  24. What do like to do with Mommy? mostly draw
  25. What do you like to do with Daddy? play outside
  26. What's your favorite thing to play with Audrey? play doctor
I love how the simplest little things can your whole face light up! #chandlerowen

Birthday party preparations are underway. A few four year old facts about Chandler Owen.

He's got that face down.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ooo baby, baby


We wanted to share Groves baby #3 is coming February 2015!